Experience Change And Change…

Real Change starts when one experiences ‘something ‘ within. These changes are then reflected in our thoughts, behavior, and actions.

What is this ‘Something’? 

It can be a thought, an idea, a feeling, any deep realization, some deeper understanding. some clue. When one ponders over it, one can reach a better understanding of the situation one is facing.

We are haunted by our worries when we are not doing anything, ‘thoughts’ creep on silently and take us on a ride! Starting from a simple thought, we create a complex web of thoughts. This leads to sadness, depression, anxiety, excitement, fear, all sorts of different feelings associated with that thought.

What happens then? We start to love either in our past or in our future. The very Present is been wasted. ‘Present’ as the word suggests is ‘ a gift’, entrusted upon us. We all have to value this GIFT, the blessing, the Sacred trust and carry each day as a duty. Live only for the present, trying to improve each moment, never giving up.

By living in the present we understand the ‘Power of Presence’ that takes makes us more conscious, more aware of our actions, thoughts, and behavior.

When we understand that worries, tension, problems, etc are a waste of time, congratulate yourself! as you have taken the very first step toward change. To change first of all one must realize that something is wrong, something has to be changed… and then the process starts.

The process of Change is not that easy. It requires our old, obsolete, redundant habits to be thrown out so that fresh, new and creative things can find a place in our life.

Thoughts have power and we have misused this power, by directing our thoughts towards negative things; not only for ourselves but also for others. By default we speak negative, by default we think negative, we doubt, we get dull and sad. All this we do unconsciously. Take a break here, pause and think: ‘Is Mind Using Me?’ , ‘Is Mind my Instrument or I am the victim?’, go a little further in your thought..’ who is this “I”. Certainly, this is not MIND. This question is posed by something higher than the MIND!

We are in this quest of searching this higher self within all the time; consciously or unconsciously. We are above Mind! once we know this we stop falling into the mind thrown tantrums. We have stopped regulating our Minds so Mind has started regulating us.

Now comes the Questions:

  • How one regulates the Mind?
  • Should Mind be blamed for all my sufferings
  • How to live a conscious living

Well, our Mind is our friend and is good at doing its task: “THINKING”. Our only job is to regulate the thinking, give our mind some direction and direct it to think in that direction: we can call it focused thinking. Take an example: a fitness freak will avoid junk food. Similarly, we can avoid junk thoughts for our mental fitness.

The mind cannot be blamed for sufferings, it is just one of the instruments to be used by ‘us’ to get what we desire in life. We all want goodness, beauty, health, prosperity, happiness. So, who is stopping us? Our thoughts, limitations, conditioned grooming, and resistance to change.

How to live a conscious Living: It will be possible only if we learn to appreciate our Present, live only in Present, focus on the task at hand, be grateful for the day, stop thinking about tomorrow of yesterday.

Each day has its evil, why should we bother with that?

Let’s just live our every moment with joy, happiness, acceptance. The present will automatically become AWESOME! and the next day will take care of itself. Because WE now know how to take care of our Present.

The key to Change is Living Consciously, been Present each moment